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About Us

Success Global Investor Relations has been in the business of investor relation for about 10 years, it was established in 2010 in New York and Vancouver, and we have provided capital markets expertise and strategic financial media relations counsel to growth companies and public companies globally. We help public companies listed on NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, OTC, Toronto Stock Exchange and Toronto Venture Stock Exchange etc. 


  • Our client base includes existing public companies, private companies as well as Pre-IPO companies at various stages of development.
  • With deep knowledge of our clients, the industries ad capital markets, we have delivered strategic value and competitive advantages to our clients. With collective experience, we have managed financial communications challenges that our clients may face and helped with the capital funding process and investors outreach.

A Customer Said...

I would highly recommend this business to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to return again!

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                           Tel: 604-906-4372 


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